MedKey, Inc., has built its business and reputation on the confidential handling of all information provided from any source. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of our clients, customers and all others with whom we do business.

MedKey, Inc., understands the sensitive nature of the information provided, and we take every precaution to maintain the security of this information. These precautions include the training and monitoring of our employees to ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained. We use encryption and security technology in transmitting and storing your information

MedKey, Inc., respects your privacy with regard to unsolicited communications, including e-mail, and we will not send any communications other than those which are related to the placement, collection or payment of the debt placed with us.

In order to maintain the security of data sent to and received from this website, MedKey, Inc., uses a variety of methods. These include a username and password, which are used to uniquely identify each client and customer, and the use of encrypted data transmission where such data is sent over public networks.

Your username and password must be held carefully and securely in order to maintain the security of this data. The password is stored on our server using irreversible encryption. It is not possible for us to determine what your password is if it should be lost. We can, however, assign a new password to you if you notify us that your password has been lost or compromised.

Some web browsers provide means to store usernames and passwords for various sites. Use of such a facility may compromise the security of your password as anyone with access to your computer could then access your account information. We do not recommend saving your password anywhere on your computer or in any other unsecure location.

MedKey, Inc., understands your concerns regarding the privacy of information sent to this site. We use the highest level of encryption technology to ensure the security of all information while it is being transmitted.